ZÜCA Solidifies Thriving Partnership with Pickleball Productions

ZÜCA Solidifies Thriving Partnership with Pickleball Productions

Milpitas, CA — ZÜCA is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Pickleball Productions, a distinguished entity within the Pickleball Tournament domain. As a woman-owned enterprise headquartered in Florida, Pickleball Productions boasts an esteemed track record for orchestrating top-tier tournaments in the industry.

With a portfolio that includes collaborations with renowned brands such as Joola, Gamma, and Diadem, Pickleball Productions has, from its grassroots inception, been resolute in its commitment to providing players with an exceptional tournament experience. Linda Naylor, the Chief Executive Officer, articulated the company's ethos, stating, "We believe in aligning ourselves with partners who share our unwavering dedication to delivering services that transcend the tournament arena. Our mission extends beyond the court as we aim to educate and promote products, we genuinely endorse by using them ourselves."

Pickleball Productions has organized tournaments of various scales nationwide, demonstrating its versatility and expertise in the realm of pickleball. The partnership with Pickleball Productions aligns seamlessly with ZÜCA's mission to support and elevate the sporting community.

About ZÜCA:  ZÜCA, Inc. is a leading name in carry-all bags and carts. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the experiences of athletes, students, professionals, and travelers alike, ZÜCA has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and functionality.

For more information about ZÜCA Inc and their partnership with Pickleball Productions, please contact:

Cindy Kinnee

Director of Marketing

ZÜCA, Inc.

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