Sarah Ansboury and Kim Bachrouche Forge an Exciting Partnership with ZÜCA as Pickleball Ambassadors

Sarah Ansboury and Kim Bachrouche Forge an Exciting Partnership with ZÜCA as Pickleball Ambassadors

ZÜCA, the innovative and leading brand in creating functional, and durable products for active individuals, proudly announces a strategic partnership with the accomplished co-founders and owners of Ansboury Consulting, Sarah Ansboury and Kim Bachrouche. The dynamic duo has officially joined forces with ZÜCA as esteemed pickleball ambassadors, a collaboration set to redefine the pickleball landscape. 

Sarah Ansboury stands as an influential figure in the world of pickleball. Her impressive background includes the role of Director of Pickleball Instruction at Palmetto Dunes, a pickleball touring professional, 5.5 tennis player, USPTA teacher, and NCAA coach. Sarah is currently the Managing Director of PPR, the Professional Pickleball Registry. PPR is the official education and certification partner of the USAPA . Sarah started in 2018 writing curriculum and has now moved into a role overseeing all pickleball initiatives.Ansboury's passion for pickleball knows no bounds, as evidenced by her pivotal role in the Nike Adult Pickleball Camp at Palmetto Dunes and her dedication to enhancing the sport through instructional clinics, workshops, and memorable vacations.

Complementing Ansboury's prowess is Kim Bachrouche, an astute businesswoman who has thrived during her 22-year tenure in Corporate America. Bachrouche's three-year journey as a 4.5-5.0 pickleball player has solidified her status as an influential figure in the pickleball community. With a remarkable ability to merge her sporting fervor with entrepreneurial acumen, Bachrouche has been instrumental in propelling multiple pickleball enterprises nationwide, including the acclaimed APP Tour.

"We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Sarah Ansboury and Kim Bachrouche to the ZÜCA family as distinguished pickleball ambassadors," said Bruce Kinnee, President & CEO at ZÜCA.  "Their outstanding achievements, unwavering dedication to pickleball, and alignment with ZÜCA's values make them the perfect representatives for our brand. This partnership symbolizes a shared commitment to elevating players' experiences through our innovative products."

Reflecting on this transformative partnership, Kim Bachrouche shared, "Sarah and I are united by our shared commitment to excellence and our deep love for pickleball.  Joining forces with ZÜCA is a natural extension of our mission to connect players and enthusiasts with outstanding products that resonate with the pickleball community. We are excited to be part of the ZÜCA family and contribute to the brand's continued success."

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About ZÜCA:

ZÜCA is a global, innovative brand known for designing and creating premium rolling bags and accessories that perfectly cater to the needs of pickleball enthusiasts and athletes. With a keen focus on functionality, durability, and performance, ZÜCA's rolling bags have become essential companions for players seeking convenient and organized storage solutions both on and off the court. Crafted to enhance the pickleball experience, ZÜCA's cutting-edge products offer durable storage solutions, a portable seat and most importantly the versatility to effortlessly transport and organize gear and equipment. Based in Milpitas, CA, ZÜCA takes pride in collaborating with a network of independent retailers across the United States, making a significant contribution to the advancement of active lifestyles and the pickleball community.

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Cindy Kinnee, Director of Marketing, Email:

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