Ice Skating Bags

Roll into the rink with style. ZÜCA's combination of functionality and form will give you a competitive edge.

Ice Skating

Skating Never Felt So Cool

Versatile Storage

Conveniently store all your gear.

Lightweight & Durable Frame

Our unique "framed" luggage has revolutionized the industry.

Built-in Seating

Sit right on your ZÜCA to put on your skates.

Ice Skating Bags FAQs

ZÜCA makes people happy

We just received this bag and seat cushion. It is more lightweight than expected - my 8 year old carries it up the stairs easily. The black frame is great since we may eventually change out the insert, though this one is unique and beautiful. We are excited to fill it with all of her skating gear and take it to the rink!

Traci, ZÜCA Sport, Sept 11th, 2019