Manuals & Instructions

Wear and tear are normal, and we understand that you love your ZÜCA. Did you know that you don’t have to replace the whole ZÜCA Frame if a part breaks down? We've got you covered with wheels, handles, front wrappers and velcro for replacement.

How to Maintain Your ZÜCA

Explore the options below and learn how to extend the life of your ZÜCA.

Sport Insert Assembly + Care

Pro Insert Assembly

Pet Insert Assembly + Care

All-Terrain Cart Assembly

Compact Disc Golf Cart - Shelf Assembly

Backpack Cart Assembly

Disc Golf Carts - Rack Only Assembly

Compact Disc Golf Cart Rack Assembly

All-Terrain Fender Installation

Backpack Cart Fender Installation

Backpack Cart LG Fender Installation

Multi-use Pole Holder Assembly

All-Terrain Axle Knob Repair

Front Wrapper Repair

Telescoping Handle Repair

Fabric Fasteners Repair

Wheel + Axle Repair

Pro Packing Tips

Flyer Packing Tips

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