Upgrade Your Glam Game with ZÜCA's Artist Line of Rolling Bags & Backpacks

Upgrade Your Glam Game with ZÜCA's Artist Line of Rolling Bags & Backpacks

Whether you're a professional makeup artist, a seasoned hairstylist, or a talented nail technician, if you appreciate the blend of style and quality, ZÜCA is your ultimate destination. Step into the world of ZÜCA and discover a lineup of beauty cases that redefine mobile salons on wheels. These cases aren't just containers; they are a symphony of organization and protection.

Unleash Your Creativity - Customize Your Way

Our beauty cases are more than just a pretty face. With sturdy, washable utility pouches and versatile compartments, you have the power to design your workspace the way you want. It's all about choice, and our cases come with self-repairing, resilient zippers. You can keep your products separate, maintain order, and unleash your creativity.

Roll in Style with Unmatched Protection

Picture this: your makeup, hairstyling tools, and glam products, safely stored in a case on wheels. ZÜCA bags are lightweight, mobile, and robust, offering unparalleled protection to your cherished tools. The Sport Artist boasts four wheels for ease in conquering staircases. What's more, our Flyer Artist and Pro Artist models are carry-on friendly, compliant with TSA specifications. This makes them the perfect companions for beauty professionals on the go.

Choose Your Glam Squad

At ZÜCA, we believe in catering to all needs and preferences. Our Artist options are available in three flavors:

  1. Flyer Artist
  2. Pro Artist
  3. Sport Artist

While the Flyer Artist, Pro Artist, and Oxford bags offer a generous 32 liter capacity, the Sport Artist boasts 29 liters. With a hefty load capacity of 300 lbs., it easily doubles as a portable seat! From timeless black to the vibrant neon pink of the Oxford, there's a case that complements your style and needs.

More Than Just Rolling Bags

Beyond cases, we offer Artist Backpacks that are compact yet brimming with functionality. These backpacks transform into mobile workstations for hairstylists and makeup artists. You'll find Utility Pouches tucked inside to help customize your set-up. Plus, out backpacks easily attach to the handle of all ZÜCA rolling bags!  

Accessorize Your Beauty Arsenal

We understand that organization is key. Alongside our cases, you'll discover an array of accessories to enhance the transport and organization of your makeup, hairstyling tools, nail equipment, brushes, and beauty essentials. Take your pick from a wide selection of seat cushions, stylist cases, travel covers, and organizers.

Built to Last

Our insert bags are not only removable from their frames, but also hand-washable with premium water-resistance. This ensures longevity and maintains their freshness and style. ZÜCA frames are constructed with durable yet lightweight aluminum, ensuring strength and reliability.

ZÜCA Utility Pouches, your go-to organizers, are crafted from resilient, easy-to-clean transparent vinyl. ZÜCA Utility Pouches are the OG of cosmetic organizers and ultimately the most durable – don’t be fooled by imitations. 

In the world of beauty, it's not just about the products you use but also the tools you use to create your magic. With ZÜCA's Artist Line of quality bags and accessories, you'll find a world of organization, style, and durability that's a perfect match for your artistry.

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