EZ Cart

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Included Accessories

(2) XL Water Bottle Holders

Color: Matte Black

Disc Golf

Transport all Your Gear, and Take a Load off Your Back While Rolling on the Course

Versatile Storage & Transport

Bring your disc golf gear anywhere.

Patented Frame

Our unique ekoskeleton frame has revolutionized the industry.

All-Terrain Wheels

Built to handle the most rugged landscapes.

Designed to handle it.

51" Telescoping handle can be adjusted for a custom height for the most comfortable stride.

Best of both worlds.

A clever backpack platform keeps your bag off the ground while an extra space below allows for everything else you need on the range.

What holds it together?

Rust-resistant, chrome plated screws with shake proof nylon aircraft lock nuts that can be hand-tightened.

Stay hydrated.

Always have room for a favorite beverage or two with easy-to-use adjustable cupholders.

Roll with the punches.

Removable foam tires allow for more compact storage in back seats and closets.

Less is more.

Strategically placed holes makes the frame lighter without affecting its structural integrity.

Smooth operator.

Sealed wheel bearings mean low maintenances and a smooth ride.

Adjustable Handle

Tired of carrying heavy bags that weigh you down during your adventures? With ZUCA Disc Golf Carts, you can explore the world effortlessly with an adjustable handle that lets you find your most comfortable position.

All-Terrain Wheels

Get ready to glide across the course no matter the terrain. ZUCA's Disc Golf Carts are equipped with heavy-duty, all-terrain wheels, capable of handling the most rugged paths, fairways, and trails.

Rolling Disc Storage Solution

Stay organized and bring your A-game to the course. ZUCA's EZ Carts are pre-built with a durable shelf allowing for versatile bag installation and storage underneath. Use our accessory and cooler pouches for the best storage options.

ZÜCA makes people happy

I started playing disc golf April 2019 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my initial bag was fine but as MS progressed I was getting more lesions on my spine, so I got a transit cart to take weight off my back. I love it!

Joshua, Transit Disc Golf Cart, Dec 5th, 2021

Not only was the customer service amazing, but the product is even better. The build quality is top notch, holds plenty of discs (26 with a putter pouch) and makes the game feel more graceful and tactile now that I am not throwing a bag around every single shot. I’ve seen a lot of the standard color ways of these Compact Carts and this Uli release is by far the best and cleanest look out there. Thanks ZÜCA!!

Zach, Uli Special Edition Compact Disc Golf Cart, May 22nd, 2022