Garrett Gurthie Disc Golf Cart

Special Edition
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Included Accessories

Disc Golf Rack

Discs not included

(2) XL Water Bottle Holders

Orange Tubeless Foam Wheels

Color: Orange/Black Wheels

Disc Golf

Transport all Your Gear, and Take a Load off Your Back Rolling to and from the Course

Built-in Seating

Who needs a chair? Take a seat right on your ZÜCA.

All-Terrain Wheels

Built to handle the most rugged landscapes.

Spacious Storage Capacity

More room for those who don't pack light.

Meet Garrett Gurthie

  • Professional Disc Golfer from Florida
  • Nickname "Double G"
  • Chain Hawk Open Champion 2022, Beaver State Fling Champion 2022, Maine State Championship 2020, Santa Cruz Masters Cup Champion 2019
  • 4X United States Distance Champion
  • 2022 Worlds Distance Champion
  • Maker of Double Craft Jerky

Take the Load off Your Back

When it comes to traversing the golf course in comfort and style, ZÜCA's Disc Golf Carts score an ace. Pack up everything you need to hit the course, keep your gear organized, and take a seat when you need it with the convenience of a portable seat.

All-Terrain Wheels

Get ready to glide across the course no matter the terrain. ZÜCA's Disc Golf Carts are equipped with heavy-duty, all-terrain wheels, capable of handling the most rugged paths, fairways, and trails.

Rolling Disc Storage Solution

Stay organized and bring your A-game to the course. ZÜCA's Disc Golf Carts are pre-built with awesome storage accessories, including a disc golf rack and a matching accessory pouch.

ZÜCA makes people happy

I started playing disc golf April 2019 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my initial bag was fine but as MS progressed I was getting more lesions on my spine, so I got a transit cart to take weight off my back. I love it!

Joshua, Transit Disc Golf Cart, Dec 5th, 2021

Not only was the customer service amazing, but the product is even better. The build quality is top notch, holds plenty of discs (26 with a putter pouch) and makes the game feel more graceful and tactile now that I am not throwing a bag around every single shot. I’ve seen a lot of the standard color ways of these Compact Carts and this Uli release is by far the best and cleanest look out there. Thanks ZÜCA!!

Zach, Uli Special Edition Compact Disc Golf Cart, May 22nd, 2022