Navigator Carry-On Navy

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Color: Silver


A Departure from Typical Travel Bags


Our rolling carry-on bags meet airline size requirements.

Versatile Storage

Conveniently store all your gear.

Patented Frame

Our unique "framed" luggage has revolutionized the industry.

Built to handle its owner.

We even put aircraft aluminum in the handle. That's right, the stuff wings are made of. Unique and nearly indestructible, the handle telescopes to a height of 41 inches.

Darwin would be proud.

Inspired by aerospace technology, our aluminum alloy frame is light and super strong. In fact, a ZUCA Sport frame is rated to safely support 300 lbs.

Now open for business.

Removable. Hand washable. And unlike anything else. The insert is made from a premium heavy duty ballistic nylon and coated with water resistant polyurethane.

Rivets are so last month.

What holds it together? Custom made, rust-resistant, chrome plated screws with shake-proof nylon aircraft lock nuts (whew). And not that they'll need it, but unlike rivets, nuts can be tightened.

They like the rough stuff.

The 4' polyurethane wheels absorb shock and make for a seriously silent ride. And because each wheel is recessed, the bag slides into overheads without a shove or grunt.

Pack it up.

With 1 small and 4 large Utility Pouches, you can organize to your heart's content. Our Utility Pouches are lined with durable, easy to clean clear vinyl.

Less metal in your diet.

Lighter and still strong. The holes are placed so the strength of a member in tension isn't reduced below its structural contribution requirements. Translation? Holes make it better and lighter.

Tread lightly.

Made of nylon 6, the plastic feet go easy on scratch-able surfaces. They are also tough enough to resist grit and gravel impregnation that can otherwise shred wood floors.

Compact, Durable & Organized Travel

Get ready to embark on unforgetable journeys with ZÜCA rolling Travel Bags, the ultimate travel companion. Compact, durable, and perfectly organized, this rolling travel bag will revolutionize the way you explore.

TSA Compliant

Roll through airport security like a pro. ZÜCA's rolling Carry-On bags are TSA compliant and designed to make your journey seamless and fun, with a sleek design and durable construction.

Pouch Organization

Say goodbye to disorganization and hello to stress-free packing. ZÜCA's rolling Carry-On bags feature 5 stacking utility pouches to help you stay organized while on the go.

ZÜCA makes people happy

I cannot rave enough about this luggage piece. I've travelled on over 100 trips across the US and multiple countries and it always works like a champ.

Jane, Pro Travel, on Dec 30th, 2021

I am a frequent traveler and have been using a Zuca Pro for around 12 years; my family members also have Zuca Pros (about 10 years). Mine has been many places in the world and often been used as a seat, laptop desk or footrest in an airport. It is paired with my Zuca Business Backpack which makes it look very professional.

Michael, ZÜCA Pro Travel, on Feb 2nd, 2020