Sport Business Stealth w/ Non-Flashing Wheels

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4 Large Utility Pouches (2.5"h x 7.75"w x 11"d)

Color: Black

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Make Travel and Commutes a Breeze

Built-in Seating

Who needs a chair? Take a seat right on your ZÜCA.

Versatile Storage

Make your bag work for you.

Patented Frame

Our unique "framed" luggage has revolutionized the industry.

Built to handle its owner.

We even put aircraft aluminum in the handle. That's right, the stuff wings are made of. Unique and nearly indestructible, the handle telescopes to a height of 39 inches.

A true athletic build.

Inspired by aerospace technology, our aluminum alloy frame is light and super strong. In fact, a ZUCA Sport frame is rated to safely support 300 lbs.

Less metal in your diet.

Lighter and still strong. The holes are placed so the strength of a member in tension isn't reduced below its structural contribution requirements. Translation? Holes make it better and lighter.

A true social climber.

No elevator? No worries. This dual wheel system climbs stairs and curbs with ease. Better yet, the unique design eliminates all those awful "bag-scrape" sounds.

Roll with the punches.

The 4' polyurethane wheels absorb shock and make for a seriously silent ride. And because each flashing wheel is powered by a tiny generator (magneto), there are no batteries.

Tread lightly.

Made of nylon 6, the plastic feet go easy on scratchable surfaces. They are also tough enough to resist grit and gravel impregnation that can otherwise shred wood floors.

Your bag should go out more.

Removable. Hand washable. And unlike anything else. The insert is made from a premium water-resistant polyester fabric.

Durable Design and Materials

Travelling for business can be tough, so we built the ZUCA bag to withstand it all. With a robust yet lightweight frame and heavy-duty wheels, this bag is ready to conquer any obstacle, from uneven pavements to bumpy rides.


Say goodbye to messy bags and frantic searches for your essentials. ZUCA’s rolling bags boast a thoughtfully designed interior, ensuring everything has its place. From laptops to documents and everything in between, your items will be neatly organized and easily accessible.

ZÜCA makes people happy

I ordered my first Business Backpack over 10 years ago and have been using it daily ever since. This is, hands-down, the sturdiest most versatile backpack on the market (and I know, because I've looked at others). The only reason why I am replacing it is because it has finally started to really show signs of wear, AFTER 10 YEARS of almost daily use. In addition to just being the best backpack for transporting a portable office, it's also incredibly comfortable and sturdy. I have loaded this thing up with over 20 pounds of electronics and "stuff" while traveling and have carried it from one end of an airport terminal to another comfortably. Seriously, you won't regret purchasing this backpack.

Stacy, Business Backpack, Feb 17th, 2021

Cube packing at it's finest. I have used it for multiple holidays and fit up to 2 weeks of clothes in it. Straight on the airplane no need to check luggage.

Cathy, Business Flyer, Sept 19th, 2018

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