All-Terrain Tubeless Foam Wheel

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Color: Blue

ZÜCA makes people happy

It's hard not to be organized with a ZÜCA!


This is one of the best looking designs I have ever seen!


ZÜCAs rock and all the kids want one!  I can put all of my school things and soccer equipment in my ZÜCA. It is so quiet with the light-up wheels that no one notices when I roll by them!


Customer Reviews

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PDGA #94832
The Wheels on the Zuca Go Round and Round

Haven't had a single issue getting through any type of terrain through one tournament and a handful of casual rounds since swapping my cart to these instead of the stock ones. I can't speak for the other colors, but the orange is definitely true to the image, maybe just a tad less red than the image on the inner parts of the rim.

My only regret is that now I'm gonna wanna get multiple colors to run different color schemes!

4,000 miles

According to Udisc I have a bit over 4,000 miles on my AT Cart. I just replaced my wheels and bag insert for Christmas. I have a couple of pretty cool pics to go along with it. Cart is still going strong. Best cart on the market. There isn't even a close 2nd.

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