Tune Up Kit - LG/EZ/Transit Carts

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ZÜCA makes people happy

It's hard not to be organized with a ZÜCA!


This is one of the best looking designs I have ever seen!


ZÜCAs rock and all the kids want one!  I can put all of my school things and soccer equipment in my ZÜCA. It is so quiet with the light-up wheels that no one notices when I roll by them!


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PDGA #94832
A Must Have for Longevity

This is an absolute must get item if you intend to gain and maintain longevity out of your Zuca cart. It just makes sense. It's a tool and parts kit put together specifically for your model Zuca cart, sent to you in a clear sided pouch that can be emptied and used for a plethora of other purposes (including at most sports/entertainment venues, i.e. the clear sides). This is one of those purchases that you'll kick yourself for not making if you really wanna get the full life outta your Zuca cart.

JUST MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE ONE THAT'S INTENDED FOR YOUR MODEL ZUCA CART!!! I didn't have this issue, but that's because I double checked.